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AMD launches eight core CPU

Processor manufacturer AMD has launched the world’s first eight core CPU for desktop PCs this week, promising incredibly fast performance for gaming and multimedia tasks.

The new processors, which are branded as the AMD FX range, will be on sale soon, and AMD says that they’ll cost less than equivalent four core processors from its rival Intel.

Six and four core versions of the FX chip will also be available.

What’s really exciting about the FX isn’t the sheer number of cores, it’s that it’s a completely redesigned chip from the ground up. For the most part, a new processor is simply a refinement of an existing design, but with FX AMD it started out from scratch in order to address the problems modern computers face.

In order to increase the number of tasks that can be carried out simultaneously, for example, AMD has created a radical new way of crunching the numbers. The result should be a fast, responsive chip that’s especially well suited to applications that run many ‘threads’ at once – especially things like video and photo editing.

The initial FX processors will be designed for high performance and mid-range PCs, but AMD is expected to replace its entire line up with the new design soon. Starting next year, it will begin to replace its existing range of Fusion processors, which are popular in laptops and budget desktops, with FX designs.

The best thing about the current FX processor is that if you’ve bought a PC with an AMD chip in over the last 12 months or so, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to upgrade to the new CPU for extra performance.

You can find out more about AMD’s new processor at the company’s website and keep an eye out for new PCs featuring the chip soon.