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Are you ready for Battlefield 3?

One of this year’s most hotly anticipated games, Battlefield 3, is finally released on Friday.

The launch brings the latest instalment of the team-based online shooter to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation, and it’s already receiving rave reviews from sites which have had access to early code.

Battlefield 3 is published by EA and developed by Swedish studio DICE. There’s plenty of other multiplayer online games kicking around, though, so what makes Battlefield 3 different?

There are two things that set the Battefield series apart. The first is a more realistic, slower pace compared to slightly faster games like Call of Duty 4. The second is the fact that you can drive vehicles.

Cars, jeeps, planes, helicopters, boats and tanks have been a key feature of the Battlefield games since the very first one, which was set in the Second World War.Battlefield 3 updates the fighting to modern scenarios, in which two teams of troops must work together to overcome particular objectives, whether that’s capturing bases or blowing up strategic targets.

The maps are huge, and include urban combat and fighting in an underground station to large stretches of outdoor fighting.

All this has long been true of the series. What Battlefield 3 brings is an incredible new graphics engine which makes it one of the most realistic looking games ever made. Developed in-house at DICE, the Frostbite 2 engine looks astonishing whatever console or PC you play on.

One word of warning for PC gamers, though – Frostbite 2 looks the best on PC, but it is hugely demanding with photorealistic effects across massive distances. Make sure your machine meets the minimum specifications before you buy, or you may not be able to get it running at all.