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Should you upgrade to an Amazon Paperwhite eReader?

One of the defining characteristics of an e-reader like Amazon’s Kindle is that the screen has no backlight.

The all-new Kindle Paperwhite

The all-new Kindle Paperwhite

Up until now, this has been a critical feature of E Ink displays, it makes them harder to read in the dark, but at the same time helps them achieve a battery life measured in months rather than hours.

Imagine if your eReader had the best of both worlds, though. A low power screen that’s easy to read in broad daylight, but a built in light that comes on at night so you can read in bed without a torch.

That’s exactly what Amazon has produced with its latest Kindle, the Paperwhite.

Unlike traditional LCD screens of the type found in tablets, the Paperwhite’s lamp is in front of the screen rather than behind it – although with the evenly lit surface you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference.

The screen itself is paler than previous models too, making it even easier on the eyes in any lighting conditions.

The question is, if you’ve already bought an Amazon Kindle, should you upgrade it to the Paperwhite? If you want to treat yourself, you probably should.

Tech website Gizmodo, for example, hailed the Paperwhite as the best eReader to date, pointing out other features like the higher resolution and capacitive touchscreen as well as the new display tech.

But the major point remains – this is a Kindle you can read in bed. If you don’t have an eReader yet, it’s the one to buy.

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