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Five reasons why eReaders still make
the perfect gift

Kindle Paperwhite ereaderNow that smartphones have large, easy to view screens and app stores for tablets are full of excellent ebook reading software, you might think that the days of the dedicated eReader are over.

We humbly beg to differ – the ereader is one of the best ‘single purpose’ devices around, and should still have a well-earned place on your bedside table. Here’s why:

1 A single charge goes a long way

This is the main one. eReaders like the Amazon Kindle or Kobo have astonishing battery lives. Where a tablet can go for nine or ten hours on a single charge, an eReader can go for nine or ten weeks. Plus, not draining your phone battery while engrossed in the latest bestseller has to be a plus.

2 They’re easy to carry

We love the 7inch Google Nexus 7 and the new iPad mini, but even these slinky pieces of silicon can’t rival the almost invisible profile of an eReader like the Kindle Touch. It’s far easier to slip a digital book into your bag and read it on the tube than it is a tablet.

3 You can read them on planes

Many airlines – although not all – will allow you to read a Kindle or similar eReader during take off and landing. Try getting your iPad out and see how the stewards react (actually, don’t).

4 You can use them in direct sunlight

Many tablets, like the ASUS Transformer Prime, come with bright screens that can be used in direct sunlight, but they still reflect a lot of glare back at you and drain the battery fast when turned up to full visibility. An e-ink display, on the other hand, is as happy on the beach as it is in bed.

5 They cost less

Tablets offer great value for money, but they’re still not what you’d call cheap if you’re buying one as a gift. Kindle eReaders, on the other hand, start at just £69 – a perfect present price for a loved one!

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