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It’s a good year to be a games console

We’re only a week or so into 2013, and already this is looking like it will be the most interesting year for console gamers for a goodly long time.

OUYA console

The OUYA games console is due for an earlier than expected release this year.

The shrink wrap may only just have come off of your Wii U, but already there’s lots more to look forward to that has appeared over the last few days.


The $99 Android games console, which was a Kickstarter phenomenon last year, is apparently on track to be released ahead of its April schedule, although thanks to import taxes it’s likely to cost a full £99 over here.

Kitted out with a Tegra 3 processor and a games controller, and it’s got access to the vast Google Play market for games in HD.

Xbox 720

Microsoft has all but confirmed that the successor to the Xbox 360, whose name is not yet confirmed, will be at the E3 games show later this year. That makes an Autumn/Winter launch very likely.

What will the new Xbox feature? Expect more Windows 8-tie ins and even better use of Kinect-like technology for a revolutionary interface.

NVIDIA Project Sheild

Project Shield

Nvidia announced Project Shield at CES 2013

NVIDIA is best known for its Tegra processor, which is found in a lot of smartphones at the moment, but at CES this week the company showed off something else.

A prototype games console designed – like Ouya – for playing Android games on your TV. It has a built-in screen for on the go gaming, and can stream games from your PC’s hard drive too.

Apple TV

Bear with us here, but if and when Apple makes an announcement about the TV set everyone is expecting it to build, that screen won’t just be for watching re-runs of Lost.

It’s almost certain to have some sort of iOS-like interface, which means an App Store and iPad-style games.

Sony PlayStation 3

Microsoft isn’t the only company hinting at a refresh this year. Details about the potential PlayStation 4 are very sketchy, but we do know that Sony purchased the US company Gaikai a while back – and they make technology that allows 3D games to stream from the cloud. No more discs, maybe? Just connect to the net and play? Whatever PS4 is, it will be revolutionary.

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