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The best tech for Mother’s Day gifts

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you’re running out of time to show your mum how much you think of her.

Fortunately, we’ve got some great ideas for last minute tech treats that’ll make her smile.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0

Now reduced to less than £160, this fantastic 7-inch tablet from Samsung has brilliant battery life and is simple to set up for email, web browsing and reading ebooks.

Plus, it has full access to the Google Play store for thousands of Android apps to keep mum entertained for much longer than a day.

Kindle PaperWhite

Even in the age of powerful multifunction tablets, Amazon’s simple eReader remains the best way to read a novel on an electronic screen.

Now improved with a built-in backlight, it’s as easy to see in the night time as it is under a bright sun.

Tesco DAB1102STW Wood

The majority of people around the world still get their news by old fashioned wireless, but there’s nothing traditional about this radio beyond the beautiful wooden frame.

Beneath its old fashioned fascia there’s a cutting-edge DAB digital system, with access to hundreds of channels in a single button push.

ASUS Zenbook X21E

ASUS Zenbook X21E

Apple iPad mini Smart Cover

If you’re Mum is an iPad fan, here’s something no-one who owns one of Apple’s tablets should be without.

The Smart Cover is easy to fit, held on by magnets and can be used to support the tablet in a more comfortable reading position if you wish.

ASUS Zenbook X21E

Feeling really flush? Then this beautiful aluminium ultrabook from ASUS is probably our favourite laptop in the world right now.

Superthin, but super clever it performs as well as it looks suggest.

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