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Which is the best Android browser?

Your mobile is a lot more versatile than you think.

Most of us are used to playing around with apps and games from the Google Play store, but we tend to stick with the default Google applications for standard features like email, calendaring and the web browser.

Which is the best Android browser?While the stock Android browser (Chrome on newer phones) is good, it’s not the only option to choose from.


Just as on your desktop PC, there’s a very capable version of the Firefox browser for mobile phones.

Thanks to the fact that its creator – the Mozilla Foundation – is turning it into a full blown operating system for future handsets, the Android version of Firefox is very powerful indeed.

It supports add-ons and themes, just like the desktop version, including many popular extras like Lastpass, the password vault. It’s a little more fiddly to use than the stock browser, but well worth the effort.

Click here to download Firefox for Android.


One name you won’t recognise is Dolphin, yet this is arguably the best mobile browser around. Like Firefox it has a massive library of add-ons which will be familiar from desktop browsing, and it also supports voice control and gestures.

It’s much more straightforward to use than Firefox though, especially when it comes to basic features like tabbed browsing. One essential add-on is the Jetpack plug-in which speeds up page load times considerably.

Click here to download Dolphin for Android


You may, on the other hand, be familiar with Opera. It’s been around for ages but sadly shows its age a bit. Not as clever as Dolphin, it does have may great features – like bookmark sync and a password vault – built in.

Click here to download Opera for Android


The stock browser on newer Android phones is Chrome – a derivative of Google’s desktop browser. It’s lightning fast, and easily quicker than other browsers, but it doesn’t support plug-ins.

Like Opera, Chrome can do most things without help, but if you don’t use the same browser on your desktop syncing bookmarks and passwords can be a chore.

Click here to download Chrome for Android

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