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Week In Tech: IFA 2015 edition

Week In Tech: the best stories from Europe’s biggest consumer electronics show – IFA 2015, courtesy of our friends at TechRadar Acer Acer showed off its Predator gaming laptops, including built-in surround sound ASUS Hands-on review of the Asus ZenWatch 2 Hands-on review of the Asus VivoStick Asus announced a gaming laptop with liquid cooling built-in […]

The REAL reason for the Google Project Ara modular phone delay

The Google Project Ara modular phone has been delayed until 2016. And we think we know the reason why… It was a dream that started life as something called PhoneBloks – and idea whose aim was to empower smartphone users with a snap-in system, which enabled anyone to upgrade any part of their phone at any time, easily replace […]

Week In Tech: G is for Google, L is for Lolcats

Welcome to another lolloping, loping Week in Tech… a week in which Google changed its name to Alphabet and someone invented a laptop for cats. Kinda You’re holding it wrong! If you’re the kind of person who takes all your pictures on the wonk or with telegraph poles coming out of people’s heads, you might be […]

Week In Tech: Funny money, Jeep creep and some flying fun

Crack open the tea and biccies, it’s time for another gadget-tastic episode of the Week In Tech… Money, money, money Both Apple and Microsoft posted their quarterly financial results this week, and the results are fascinating. Apple (a company that was on its knees and haemorraghing money 20 years ago) is now enormously profitable, posting its best […]

Week In Tech: Nintendo, self-awareness and “loud” smartphones

Welcome to another look at the Week In Tech with your guide to the biggest, hottest and strangest stories Sayonara Iwata-san We’re sad to report the death of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata who died on Sunday at the tragically young age of 55. Iwata was at the helm of Nintendo during its most successful period, introducing […]

Week In Tech: Reddit, seen it, haven’t heard it yet

Welcome to another journey through the Week In Tech. This time we’re looking at the row at Reddit, Facebook’s streaming music plans and Google’s psychedelic neural network Reddit rebellion The last seven days certainly haven’t been great for Reddit CEO Ellen Pao. First she “let go” one of her most popular employees – head of talent Victoria Taylor – […]

Week In Tech: Steve Jobs, Facebook and the incredible loogun

Welcome to another wonderful week in tech and, boy, do we have some cracking stories for you Facebook founder talks telepathy, AI and real names Facebook founder, CEO and zillionaire Mark Zuckerberg took part in an hour-long Q&A yesterday and made three fairly startling revelations: He thinks telepathy will be a thing: “One day, I believe […]

Week In Tech: E3 2015 round-up + robots!

From incredible games to fantastical robots, here’s your Week In Tech Summer’s here, but instead of slowing down and soaking up the sun, the tech world has been even busier than usual – thanks to the annual E3 game-fest and a slew of announcements from companies like Sky, Amazon and Softbank. E3 2015 redux E3, […]

Week In Tech: Jimmy Wales get Frozen on a Desert Island

It’s been a right riveting Week In Tech – from Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales’ appearance on Desert Island Discs to some incredibly scary killer robots Jimmy Wales has Let It Go If you’re were (un)lucky enough to catch Desert Island Discs on Radio 4 this morning, you’ll have been greeted with the delightful sound of Jimmy […]

Week In Tech: jetpacks, robot cars and a gamepad tank

Welcome to another  Week In Tech and, by crikey, do we have to amazing stories to delight and surprise you First up… Google puts the ‘auto’ into automobile If you’re planning on riding the highways and byways of California or Nevada any time soon, you might want to keep an eye out for a startling […]