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10 great gadgets every girl should own

Discover the biggest stories in games, gadgets and entertainment with our regular round-up from the Week In Tech GamesRadar The WW2 shooter revival continues with Days Of War New Fallout Shelter update out today with crafting, a barber shop and… parrots? Star Wars Battlefront’s Outer Rim DLC adds Greedo and a new mode The Division pre-loads […]

The biggest stories from MWC 2016

Week In Tech: from Mobile World Congress to hypercars and the very best in gadgets, entertainment and games, you’ll find it all here waiting to be discovered. Just hit the links below… Mobile World Congress special The top trends from Mobile World Congress 2016 [T3] T3’s top tech picks from Mobile World Congress 2016 [T3] This […]

20 movie gadgets you can buy today

Discover the biggest, bested and most awesomest stories from the worlds of gadgets, games and entertainment with the Week In Tech… GamesRadar Kojima is working on a big, extremely edgy game for Sony Black Ops 3 Awakening brings new maps and Zombies to Xbox One on March 3 You can now sign up to beta […]

Week In Tech: 25 best PS4 games 2016

Discover the biggest, best… and strangest news from the worlds of games, gadgets and entertainment with our round-up from this Week In Tech GamesRadar The 25 best PS4 games Destiny 2 is coming in 2017, “large” expansion later this year Cameras have started rolling on Star Wars: Episode 8 The ultimate character guide to the Netflix-Marvel […]

Week In Tech: the 11 best Netflix flicks

Welcome to another fascinating, fun-packed Week In Tech with the very best movie, games and gadget stories from the World Wide Web GamesRadar The 25 best Nintendo 3DS games The best games of 2016 so far The best PS4 games in the new PlayStation EU sale These Fallout 4 Valentine’s cards will nuke your heart […]

Week In Tech: 11 essential tech skills

Discover the hottest gadgets, games and entertainment on the planet with our regular round up from the Week in Tech… GamesRadar More Star Wars films planned and Marvel films “will go on forever” Star Wars Battlefront lays out free stuff up through March How to upgrade your PS4 hard drive (without losing P.T.) Games that treat […]

Week In Tech: Ride the VR Ghost Train

In this right, riveting Week In Tech you’ll discover the trouble with Spider-man, a smarter way to fly and drone and what Derren Brown has in store for Thorpe Park. Plus: we say goodbye to FriendsReunited… No, Spidey, no “Spider-man, spider-man, does what ever a spider can…” Actually, no. Scientists from the University of Cambridge’s […]

Week In Tech: Google’s tiny Street View

Welcome to the Week In Tech, your regular round-up of the some of the best, worst and quirkiest tech stories of the week. Enjoy… Explore the miniature world of Google Maps You’ve no doubt used Google Maps and Google Street View, but you’ve never seen either looking quite like this… Google Deutschland has paid a […]

Week In Tech: the Samsung Galaxy S7

Discover all the biggest stories from the Week In Tech – from Audi’s spectacular new headlight technology to rumours surround the Samsung Galaxy S7 Audi’s amazing laser light show Let’s kick off with some amazing headlight technology car maker Audi has been working on. It’s developing Matrix Laser technology, which uses digital micro-mirror devices (DMDs) […]

Week In Tech: best Christmas gifts 2015

Week In Tech: Our pick of the biggest and best gadget stories of the last 7 days We’re going to do things a little differently for this week’s Week In Tech, with our round-up of the best stories from our friends at TechRadar, T3 and Gizmodo. Plus a Christmas Gadget Guide 2015 special featuring links to […]