Hudl 2 Kernel Source Code

Hudl 2 Kernel Source Code


Hudl HT7S3 Kernel Source Code

Hudl HT7S3 Kernel Source Code

Firmware updates

Download your updated firmware in 3 easy steps:

1. Locate the file name referenced in your printed instruction manual in the list below

2. Click the link to access your firmware update and manual

3. Download your firmware and manual on to a USB stick

If you’re looking for a product manual please click here.


– Technika Smart TV Box

The below Firmware update resolves a current issue that some customers may be experiencing whist trying to access BBC iPlayer content.  In order for the issue to be resolved, you will need to update your device’s Firmware.  The Technika SMART Box requires the Firmware to be updated manually via a USB stick, please follow the instructions below to complete this process:

1. Please insert your USB stick into your Laptop/PC/Mac and download the Firmware on to the USB via the link below (please do not save the file within a folder on the USB or change the filename):


2. Ensure the device is off.

3. Insert the USB drive into the Technika SMART Box.

4. Switch on the device.

5. The box will take about 1 minute to boot and copy the update from the USB stick, during which time both LEDs on the front panel will remain permanently on.

6. It may take another minute, but there should be a black screen with dialogue stating that the device is being updated (If you see no dialogue, please leave for a further minute).

7. When the install completes you will be prompted to remove the USB drive and reboot the box.

8. Please remove the USB stick and switch off the device.

9. Now switch the device back on.

10. Playing BBC iPlayer should play as normal.

Please note:

  • It has been found that certain USB drives may fail this process and are ignored by the software update mechanism. If this happens then please try an alternative USB device.
  • Some customers have reported that the firmware update dialogue screen is not always displayed, but after a reboot and opening the blinkbox app they can play a video as normal.