5 best movie apps for your mobile

Winding down for Christmas is great, but with kids and adults all at home for the break one perennial problem has remained constant in the festive household for three quarters of a century now. Who gets command of the remote control? If you find that you’re the usually sat in the corner watching what other people want to watch, here’s our round up of the five best movie apps for mobile phones and tablets.

blinkbox appBlinkbox

No subscription? No problem. Blinkbox offers instant access to hundreds of movies and TV shows ahead of most other online services. Plus, there’s no monthly charge – just pay for what you watch and take advantage of timely offers.



Sky Go appSky Go

Got a Sky subscription? Then you can download the Sky Go app at no extra charge and watch live TV on your iPad, iPhone or Android device. There’s more than 30 streaming channels you can receive over Wi-Fi, plus hundreds of movies and catch up TV on demand too.



YouView appYouView

The internet streaming equivalent of Freeview, YouView is only available via a set-top box at the moment. There is a mobile app, but you can’t use it to watch films. What you can do, however, is schedule a recording to start on your player from wherever you are – so you won’t miss anything over the Christmas season.



LoveFilm appLovefilm Instant

Amazon owns both Lovefilm and the Kindle, so it’s no surprise that this app works best on the Kindle Fire. But it also works on iOS, Android and even the Nintendo Wii, as well as on any connected PC or laptop. There’s a monthly fee, but you do get unlimited access to a selection of films and shows from Amazon’s copious library.



BBC iPlayer appBBC iPlayer

Still the most popular online streaming video app, iPlayer gives you instant access to BBC TV shows, radio and movies for at least a week after they’ve been shown. Videos are in HD where possible, and it’s all free of charge.



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