5 ways to turn an old TV into a Smart TV

It’s easy when you know how…

Everything has to be smart these days, internet connected and able to stream BBC iPlayer, iPhone media and more. That makes having a Smart TV essential, but what if your TV isn’t so smart?

Fear not, as long as you have a relatively up-to-date HD ready TV with a spare HDMI connector you’ll be able to give it the smarts it needs to live in the internet age. Here then are our top five ways to turn an ordinary TV into a smart TV…

5 ways to turn an ordinary tv into a smart tv: Panasonic DMP-BD79 Blu-ray player


1. Add a Blu-ray player

Part of the Blu-ray specification called BD Profile 2.0 is the ability to get online and access internet content. This means almost all Blu-ray players also offer Smart TV feature such as BBC iPlayer, media streaming, photo slideshows and much more.

It varies from model to model. Do be careful to note what services players offer, the Samsung BD-F5100 (buy from Tesco Direct) offers just basic BBC iPlayer and YouTube, but no app store.

For a little more, the Panasonic DMP-BD79 (buy from Tesco Direct) offers a full range of online services and apps to choose from.

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PlayStation 4 tips and tricks: PlayStation 4 games console2. Grab a console

It could seem extravagant but opt for a last-gen gaming console such as the Microsoft Xbox 36o (buy from Tesco Direct) or the Sony PlayStation 3 (buy from Tesco Direct) and you not only get a top-notch gaming experience for a huge catalogue of games, but they’ll offer online services too.

Of course if you want to be cutting-edge you can pick the all-new Sony PlayStation 4 (buy from Tesco Direct) or the amazing Microsoft Xbox One (buy from Tesco Direct).

5 ways to turn an ordinary TV into a smart TV: Tesco Hudl Android tablet

3. Try a Tesco hudl

We’re not bragging, but the Tesco hudl tablet can do a superb job of driving a Smart TV, just get a suitable HDMI cable (buy from Tesco Direct) and everything you see on your Tesco hudl will appear on the TV in Full HD quality, if your TV supports it.

Grab a hudl

5 ways to turn an ordinary TV into a smart TV: Apple TV4. Set yourself out with a Smart TV streamer

The clue is in the name, these little boxes stream Smart TV content to your not-so-smart TV. For Sky subscribers the NOW TV range (buy from Tesco Direct) is an excellent choice as it’ll tie into your existing Sky subscription for super ease-of-use.

For everyone else a large range of devices exist from the all-powerful Apple TV (buy from Tesco Direct) to the very able and super-affordable Technika Smart TV Box (buy from Tesco Direct).

Why would you want to do that?

Apple TV is an all-powerful media streamer that enables you stream music, movies and photos content from your iPhone, iPad – or any Mac or PC running iTunes 10.2 or later – to your TV.

While the Technika Smart TV Box offers BBC iPlayer, YouTube and more.

Smart TV streamers at Tesco Direct

5. Link up a laptop

5 ways to turn an ordinary tv into a smart tv: Toshiba Satellite U940 laptop

It might not be the most of elegant of solutions but most laptops these days offer a HDMI output, making it easy to hook one up your HDTV.

Doing so will enable you to enjoy content from iPlayer, etc on a much bigger display – and also enables you to watch and listen to any videos or other content stored on your laptop.

If your laptop has a DVI port instead of HDMI, don’t worry – there are plenty of suitable adapters available through third-party sellers on Tesco Direct.

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