Add the classic Start Menu into Windows 8

Samsung offers free app and StarDock for a classic alternative with its Windows 8 devices.

It's like welcoming home a long lost friend

It's like welcoming home a long lost friend.

The official launch of Microsoft Windows 8 is just around the weekly corner, hitting the stores 26 October.

Possibly the biggest gripe every long-term user of Windows so far has had, is that the classic Windows Start Menu – that has been with us all since the original Windows 95 – has been removed.

While Microsoft treat us like disobedient children on the naughty step ignoring our pleas to put it back, Samsung has turned out to be the nice aunt who treats us whenever we ask.

Samsung is going to include a Quick Starter app with all of its Windows 8 devices, which will offer similar pop-up launch capabilities as the old Start Menu.

In a similar move, long-time Windows interface enhancers are also offering Start8. This almost perfectly mimics the original Windows Start Menu and should appease anyone pining for the missing pop-up friend.

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