Amazon Kindle Fire HD review

When Amazon launched its Kindle Fire last year, it had a huge impact on the tablet market.

For the first time, a big name brand was producing a full power, full colour Android tablet at a bargain price and taking the fight to more expensive rivals.

Amazon's latest Kindle – the Kindle Fire HD

Amazon's latest Kindle – the Kindle Fire HD

With the Kindle Fire HD, Amazon has refined the design even further by improving the processing power and display quality without drastically increasing the price. But is it the ultimate Android tablet?

It’s obvious rival is Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. Both come with a 1280×800 resolution 7-inch screen for exceptionally sharp images and smooth text, have similarly thin build quality, and almost identical price tags for the basic wifi model. The Fire HD, however, has more storage (16GB versus 8GB for the Nexus 7).

The biggest difference between the two tablets, though, is the interface.

While the Nexus 7 runs a version of Android designed for general purpose work and accessing Google’s Play store, the Kindle Fire HD has a heavily customised interface geared more towards watching movies and reading books – as you might expect from Amazon.

Music, too, is tightly linked to the Amazon store, and the new comic book reader app is especially impressive. Amazon’s auto-recommendation engine is always present, suggesting new titles that might be of interest to you from every built in player.

If you plan to use your tablet mostly for buying and consuming media bought from Amazon, there’s no better choice. But it is worth bearing in mind that you don’t get unfettered access to Google Play, and while Amazon’s own Appstore is very well supplied with games and productivity apps, not every Android app is available there.

It’s also not quite as customisable as the Nexus 7, since you can’t change the default homescreen launcher and so on.

The pros really do outweigh the cons, though, and with another impressive but cost effective tablet under its belt, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HD is a serious challenge to Google, Apple and Microsoft.


A well built tablet that’s perfect for movies, music, books and games so long as you don’t need complete access to Google Play.

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