How to manage Android Widgets

Got a new Hudl or any other Android tablet or smartphone? Here’s how to customise your homescreen with powerful Widgets

Android Widgets Add widgets to your Android homescreen

A huge advantage for Android phones and tablets like Hudl is that you can use Android Widgets to customise them in all manner of ways…

What are Widgets?

Widgets are clever mini-apps that you can attach to your homescreen. A Widget can show vital information from an existing app – it could be a slideshow, a clock display or just quick-access to an app’s or tablet’s settings.

Widgets come in all shapes and sizes with many being designed to resize to fit any space you like.

Finding Widgets

As you install apps you’ll find that many offer Widgets automatically, so you can get an instant visual of its information. So a train timetable app might offer a list of up and coming train times.

Or you can search the Google Play Store for apps that are just Widgets. Many of these display clocks, the weather, slideshows or other fun stuff.

Getting started with Widgets

First off you’ll need to tap the App Drawer icon. You’ll notice at the top of the screen there are two tabs, one says Apps and is selected, the other says Widgets.

Tap Widgets to see the list of available Widgets, you can scroll through this list to see more installed on your device.

Adding a Widget to your Android Homescreen

To put a Widget on your homescreen, tap and hold the displayed Widget. The screen will then switch to your available homescreens. You can drag the Widget left and right, and release it on an empty spot.

Widget settings

At this point, if the Widget has any associated settings you will be able to adjust them now.

For example, if you locate the Gmail Widget, this will display a list of your latest emails right on your homescreen. When you release the Widget, you’ll be able to select the Gmail Account and email folder you’d like to be displayed.

Adjusting your Widgets

To move, resize or remove Widgets, just tap and hold a Widget you’ve already placed on the homescreen. To delete it, drag it up to the uppermost “X Remove” bar that will have appeared.

You’re also able to move the Widget around and drag it to other homescreens. When you release the Widget, resize controls appear, enabling you to make the Widget larger or smaller.

Go and search the Google Play Store for interesting Widgets you can add to the Android homescreen.

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