BBC launches iPlayer Radio

Flashy new BBC radio app and website offer live catch-up and much more…

BBC launches iPlayer Radio A useful looking programme guide should please everyone

Recent BBC iPlayer updates have added some innovative features to live and offline BBC TV content, but if you thought BBC radio was getting left behind, you were right.

The BBC has now announced however that it will be making a raft of updates to its radio services.

Core to this is maintaining consistency across all of its online services. So first the BBC radio website will be revamped and is now live for all to see.

Next in its firing line are the tablet and phone apps, with Apple iOS coming first and an Android update following shortly after. These new features will mean easier access to live, archived broadcasts and on-demand content.

The BBC Trust has a remit to service UK licence fee payers and over recent years has seen access to BBC content and BBC iPlayer increase dramatically. Year-on-year, monthly iPlayer requests for radio have increased 56% to 2.8m on mobile, and 300% to 1.2 million on tablet.

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