Canon EOS 6D: low-cost full-frame DSLR

Canon announce the new EOS 6D, its cheapest full-frame pro-standard DSLR yet

Canon EOS 6D: low-cost full-frame DSLR The full-frame Canon EOS 6D. Still pricey, but the lowest-cost way yet into pro-level shooting.

At £1,799, the Canon EOS 6D full-frame DSLR might sound expensive but it’s £800 cheaper than the next step up the Canon ladder.

If you take your photography seriously and are looking to achieve pro-level shots, this represents real value.

But what’s so special about full frame? A full-frame camera harks back to the pre-digital days when professionals used 35mm film. It was the standard size for pro digital camera sensors and remains the hallmark of excellence.

A full-frame DSLR camera has a full 35mm in-size image sensor, making a 36x24mm rectangle. In contrast, a compact digital camera can have a sensor measuring just 8x6mm, or a 20th of the area.

This super-sized sensor enables a full-frame camera to capture far more light, providing a greater dynamic colour range and lower picture noise even at higher ISO settings.

Beyond simple image quality, the 35mm lens also means greater flexibility and a wider angle viewing. As more full-frame sensors are produced and the process costs drop, we can expect lower and lower priced full-framed cameras to hit the market.

The Canon EOS 6D is something of a stunner. With its 20MP full-frame sensor, a maximum ISO of a staggering 102,400 and Full HD 1080p video at an ultra-smooth 30 frames per second, both stills and video will be top class. Connectivity and instant photo sharing is also catered for with on-board Wi-Fi and GPS – another first for such a camera.

Get more details from Canon.

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