5 essential apps for your phone or tablet

Wondering which apps you should download on to your phone or tablet this month? Concerned about how time consuming they might be?

Well we have the answers to keep you ‘appy with our top five essential apps…

1. Bad Piggies


5 essential apps for your phone or tablet: Bad Piggies iOS/Android

Why do I need it?

Angry Birds’ porcine pilferers get their own game. You’ve played on the side of the tweeters, now it’s time to get piggy.

What does it do?

Takes over your life, that’s what. Create madcap vehicles and send your pigs plummeting down slopes and into orbit, collecting eggs and avoiding obstacles such as dynamite. You’ll believe a ham can fly!

Time eater rating 6/5



2. Pinterest


5 essential apps for your phone or tablet: PinterestiOS/Android

Why do I need it?

The social sensation now has a dedicated mobile app. It’s the easy way to share images of anything that catches your eye.

What does it do?

Set up a virtual pinboard, give it a theme and cover it with stuff you find online – fave film posters, cool trainers, worst haircuts, whatever you like. It’s a great way to share images and ideas or just browse your friends’ obsessions.

Time eater rating 4/5


3. DMD Panorama


5 essential apps for your phone or tablet: DMD PanoramaiOS/Android

Why do I need it?

It’s the easiest way of capturing a panoramic image on your mobile. DMD makes it very hard to get anything wrong.

What does it do?

Point your camera phone at your subject, take a photo then move the phone along in line, taking multiple shots. The app automatically stitches the images together to make a seamless, professional-looking panoramic view.

Time eater rating 3/5


4. Foodspotting


5 essential apps for your phone or tablet: FoodspottingiOS/Android

Why do I need it?

You’re visiting a new city and have a hankering for a certain type of grub. Foodspotting will tell you where to find it.

What does it do?

Don’t search for restaurants, search for dishes. Fancy sea bass? Pop it into Foodspotting and be presented with user-recommended fare from local eateries. You can also share your own culinary discoveries.

Time eater rating 2/5



5. MixBooth


5 essential apps for your phone or tablet: MixBoothMixBooth mashes your friends’ faces together to create a monster!

  1. Take snaps of two of your friends/enemies, making sure they’re roughly in the same pose
  2. Line up their eyes, mouth and chin
  3. Press mix and the app blitzes the two images together to create their bizarre love child. Ugh!
  4. Try mixing them up with celebrities as well. Yoda is always a good choice
  5. Save your photos and share them via email, Twitter or Facebook. Anywhere you can embarrass people, really

Available on Google Play and on the iTunes App Store.




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