5 reasons to love Intel Ivy Bridge

Intel’s next-gen processor is here. We’ve got all the key details on what will be powering your PC in 2012

Everything you need to know about Intel Ivy Bridge This stuff makes the magic happen

Computer processors are complex and confusing things, so we’ve broken the latest Intel superchip down to the 5 vitals you need to know.

1. Intel Ivy Bridge = Intel Core Processor

Everyone has been calling it Intel Ivy Bridge, but that’s just the codename. When you walk into a shop the new chip will be called the third-generation Intel Core Processor.

2. Even more fast and efficient

Intel is using a process to create these new processors called 22nm architecture. The transistors inside the chip are smaller and faster, consuming less power but running even smoother. It’s clever stuff.

3. Choosing a new computer

Intel has its Core i7 and i5 line of processors for desktops and laptops. Models based on this latest chip generation will have a number beginning with 3. So if you’re looking to buy a new computer look out for the following Core i5 options: Core i5-3450, Core i5-3550, Core i5-3570. Or this pair of more powerful Core i7 options: Core i7-3770 and Core i7-3770K.

4. Better 3D gaming

Intel got a lot of praise for making its last generation far better at 3D gaming without the need for an expensive additional graphics card. These new processors are even better with a further 50% increase in 3D gaming speeds.

5. Displays go wireless

It’s called Intel WiDi 3.0 and it’s the latest technology from Intel that enables displays to be transmitted to compatible TVs without the need for any wires. Making it even easier to enjoy content from your PC up on the big screen.

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