Five best social news apps

Not even Google knows how many pages there are on the internet, but the number is certainly in the billions, if not more. Yet we humans are a pretty conservative species, and on average we visit just six different sites or so on a daily basis.

As we turn to apps to get our news, rather than discovering it on the wild, wild web, that number is likely to diminish – reading the headlines in a magazine-style app might be a more pleasant experience sometimes, but it does mean you’re missing out on a lot of diverse and interesting stories out there.

Enter ‘social news’ apps.

These news readers do more than just take pages from your favourite sites. They try to learn your preferences and the sorts of things you’re interested in, and actively hunt out stories for you to read. It’s the news you want to read, before you knew you wanted to read it.

There’s an increasingly large number of social news apps out there, but here are some of the best.

1. Flipboard

(iOS, Android)

The original social news app, Flipboard takes all your RSS feeds from Google reader, and then adds in stories that are being repeated by your friends on Twitter and Facebook. And it presents them in a remarkably slick way too.



2. Zite

(iOS, Android)

Zite goes one better than Fliboard, in that it will try to customise its feed from sources neither you nor your friends may have heard of. Plus, its old school newsprint look is great.



3. NewsWhip


A newcomer, this UK developed app works by following stories that are trending on social media and media outlets to put the most important stories where they belong. At the top.



4. Google Currents


A slick looking interface for Android tablets, Currents mixes RSS feeds with recommended news outlets from its library, and rivals Flipboard and Zite for performance.


5. Trap!t


Trap!t isn’t a smartphone app yet, although it is available on Apple’s iPad, but it no doubt soon will be. It’s a clever web interface to see what’s going on in in the world, though. It’s presented a little like Pinterest, but with a clever search algorithm that populates your homepage with interesting news stories. Give it a try, it’s free.


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