5 things to watch for at Google IO 2013

Next week will see Google’s annual developer conference, Google IO 2013, kick off

Google I/O, 15 May until 17 May, has become an increasingly high profile affair over the last few years as the company has branched out from search and maps to phones and augmented reality goggles.

Last year, for example, the company showed off the most recent version of its Android operating system, Jelly Bean, and gave us our first look at the Google Glass as skydivers jumped from an overhead aircraft and landed on the conference building, recording it all with Glass headsets.

So, what can we expect this year? Google’s keeping schtum, but here’s a list of likely subjects…

1. More glass


5 things to watch for at Google IO 2013Google Glass, the tiny LCD screen which sits in front of your eyes like a pair of spectacles and fills your peripheral vision with information, is big right now.

The first kits have just arrived with developers and journalists and the web is alive with early impressions of whether Glass is any good or not.

Expect a lot of updates, including the first apps to be shipped with Glass, a release date and probably price too.


2. Key Lime Pie


5 things to watch for at Google IO 2013

Android 5.0, aka Key Lime Pie, is a fairly safe bet for the show too – although some last minute rumours are suggesting that Google may hold back with the official announcement.

We’re not sure what will be in it, other performance improvements and updates to official apps – there’s been surprisingly few rumours about what KLP could be.


3. The X-Phone


5 things to watch for at Google IO 2013Google picked up phone manufacturer Motorola a couple of years ago, and there’s not been much heard of it since. Word is, however, that I/O will be the start of Motorola’s resurgence as a major brand.

We expect to see something called the X-Phone shown off at the conference, the ultimate Android device.


4. More tablets


5 things to watch for at Google IO 2013

This is almost a cert – there’ll be updates to the Nexus range, probably including a high resolution version of the Nexus 7 and an LTE capable Nexus 10.

What’s unlikely to change for either is the price – definitely Google’s strong point at the moment.



5. A smartwatch


5 things to watch for at Google IO 2013Well… this one’s less likely. But we’re hearing rumours that Apple is working on a watch that interacts with an iPhone and that Microsoft has similar plans for Windows Phone 8.

Plus, of course, there’s the phenomenally successful Pebble watch that’s now shipping to Kickstarter backers. It would make sense for Google to come up with a watch that complements Android and Glass, but who knows?


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