How stuff works… hudl from Tesco

hudl is the first tablet from Tesco and it’s designed to make friendly but powerful touchscreen technology affordable to everyone

Hudl from Tesco

The Jelly Bean evolution of Google’s popular, feature-stuffed Android operating system means the 7-inch tablet is incredibly user-friendly, while a quad-core processor, dual-band Wi-Fi and 1440×900 IPS HD screen mean hudl can compete with the likes of the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD.

But what’s hudl like to use and how do you get the most out of it? Let’s see…

Getting started

Turn hudl on for the first time and it will guide you through setting up a Wi-Fi connection, Google account access, and Tesco login.

After this hudl will update itself with the latest software, and give you optional tips on safe web and app access for any children using the tablet.

Be an instant hudl master

Here’s a handy tip: while looking at your hudl’s home screen place your fingertip in the top left corner of the screen and swipe down to reveal the Notification shade. Here you’ll see a list of recent actions on your hudl – everything from updated apps, to new mail.

Tap an entry for more info, or swipe to the right to remove it from the list. Now place your finger on the top right corner of the screen and swipe down. This will open hudl’s Quick Settings shade. As well as being the best way to access the full ‘Settings’ menu you’ll find info about battery charge, Wi-Fi connection and more here.

Check out your hudl’s Getting Started app for details on this and other tips.

Google on hudl

Your Hudl uses the Android operating system and this brings loads of great benefits. For one thing, you get the latest versions of Google’s essential apps built in. This includes the fast, flexible web browser, Chrome, plus Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube.

But you also get cool, newer services like Google+ Hangouts for instant messaging and video chat, plus the news hub, Google Currents.

In addition, there’s the not so small matter of access to over one million apps and games on Google Play, many of which are free to install.

Apps, widgets and folders

One of the joys of an Android tablet like hudl is customising your home screen with all your favourite apps and widgets. To add an app, tap the ‘All Apps’ icon on the home screen, then tap and hold the icon of your chosen app and it’ll be added to the home screen. Simple.

Widgets are like mini apps that run on your home screen automatically without you having to explicitly fire them up. Weather, calendar and clock widgets are common examples, but there are many to choose from. They have their own tab on the All Apps page, and you add them the same way you add apps.

Tesco just a tap away

Unique to hudl is one-touch access to a world of Tesco services. Simply tap the ‘T’ icon on the home screen and within seconds you can be ordering your grocery shopping, buying F&F fashion or just splashing out on a leather case for your hudl on Tesco Direct.

Accessorise your hudl

Because hudl is designed for the entire family, there’s a range of accessories for everyone. Taking your hudl to work? Why not get a sophisticated leather case in black or brown that doubles as an adjustable viewing stand. Or show your individuality with a slim, soft-touch case in black, red, blue, turquoise or grey (those last two colours are available online only).

And if your hudl is destined for a younger user, how about getting a colourful, rugged bumper case and a pair of volume-limited, kids’ headphones?

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