How to block a number on a smartphone

Get rid of unwanted calls using these clever tips for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry

How to block a number on a smartphone

Setting your smartphone to silent or turning on the Do Not Disturb feature are great ways to stop your handset disturbing you during meetings or while you’re asleep

But what if you want to be more selective than that, and there’s a particular number you want to block at all times? It could be nuisance calls from telemarketers or an old flame you don’t want to reconnect with; sometimes there are numbers you don’t want to hear from at all.


On most Android handsets, the process is simple. Just open up the problem contact’s name in the People app, tap the Settings icon and set their calls to go ‘All calls to voicemail’.

Some carriers block this feature, in which case you’ll need a third party app to use it. Try Mr. Number – a free way to create a list of blacked numbers.


Unfortunately for iPhone users, there’s no simple way to black calls without jailbreaking your phone, as the feature is not officially supported by Apple. You could set unwanted numbers up with a specific ringtone, however, which reminds you to reject the call without answering it.

If you do want to risk jailbreaking your iPhone and installing ‘Blacklist’ from the unofficial Cydia store, there are full instructions here.


Like Android, call blocking is a default feature on most BlackBerry handsets. Simply go to the Menu on your smartphone and choose Manage Numbers, then scroll down to Block List. Now click on the menu again, and you’ll see an option to choose Contacts to add to the Block List.

If the number bothering you is a serious problem, and you suspect that you’re the victim of a stalker or similar, then call the police.

To block all telemarketing numbers, you can request that your number is added to the Telephone Preference Service list. This means that you have opted out of direct marketing sales calls and UK companies have a legal obligation to respect that.

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