Make the most of your TV picture settings

How to make your favourite TV shows and movies look better than ever

Make the most of your TV picture settings

Thanks to Blu-ray and HD most of us are experiencing better picture quality than ever before, but there’s a catch — and it’s all to do with your TV picture settings.

Most TVs are setup at the factory to look great on the shop  floor where the biggest and brightest pictures grabs the most attention — but what looks great in the shop may not look so good when you’re watching at home.

Thankfully you can tame your TVs worst excesses by diving into its ‘Picture’ menu and either adjusting the set’s brightness, contrast and colour controls by using the built-in presets — which have names like Standard, Movie, Sports or Game — or by adjusting the TV picture yourself to create a ‘Personal’ custom preset.

Why use presets?

The picture presets that are built into your TV are a great way to easily adjust the picture to suit what you’re watching and when you’re watching it.

If you’re watching during regular shows during the daytime then the Standard preset should be fine, but you might want to switch it to Movie or Cinema mode in the evening, when the lower brightness level will better suited to your eyes.

The good thing is you’ll be able to switch between any of these presets at any time simply using the Picture or other similar button on your TV remote.

Personal presets

If you want to be able to tweak your TV’s contrast, brightness and so on to suit your own personal tastes you can do that too. Simply adjust the individual settings using your remote – and then save them as a Personal preset.

The best way to make you have the preset right is to watch your TV at different times of the day, with different types of programme, over a week or so and then make any changes to your Personal preset as necessary.

Make the most of your TV picture

Next steps

If you’ve tried all of the above options and you’re still not satisfied, the next step is to calibrate your TV.

Calibration usually involves displaying a series of test patterns on your TV and then adjusting its picture, brightness and colour settings so they match the optimal ones set in the test.

Some TV, projectors and Blu-ray players have built-in test patterns you can use. Or you can download an app like THX Tune-Up for iOS, which is available on the iTunes App Store, and then connect your iPad or iPhone to your TV.

You can connect your iPhone or iPad either by using an Apple Lightning Digital AV Adaptor (buy from Tesco Direct) and an HDMI cable or via an Apple TV (buy from Tesco Direct).

THX Tune-Up for iOS includes a series of test patterns that enable you to quickly and easily adjust your TV’s picture — and sound — so you can enjoy the best possible viewing experience. Check out the video below to find out how:

THX has told us than an Android version of THX Tune-Up will be available later this year. So keep an eye out for it on THX Mobile Apps and on THX’s social networking feeds.

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