Samsung Galaxy S4’s new “Life” features

Samsung wants to improve your life with crazy new features in the Galaxy S4.

So we’ve seen the amazing new specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S4 but there’s more to the latest flagship Samsung phone than amazing specs.

Samsung calls the new feature sets Life Task and Life Care, it’s all about how the new Samsung Galaxy S4 helps you get more done and more easily throughout your life.

Life Task

New “Life” features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

Control your phone with Samsungs's AirView.

This set of features is all about helping you interact more easily and in a more natural way.

Take Smart Scroll, for example, this makes it easy to scroll through emails and websites with a tilt and if you look away the scrolling pauses until you’re looking at the phone again.

The Samsung S Voice Drive has been improved and makes it safer and easier to use your phone while driving, use voice commands to make calls, send text messages and get directions.

WatchON enables you to take control of your TV with your phone. It’s more than just a fancy remote control, as it’ll provide viewing schedules, suggest programmes and can even automate viewing for you.

We all know touch is so 1990s, so that’s why the Samsung Galaxy S4 now has AirView and AirGesture. Answer a call by just moving your hand over the phone, this extends to changing music track, browsing and viewing photos. AirView enables you to control the phone with just a hover of your fingertip or even if you’re wearing thick gloves.

Life Care

Samsung has crammed a whole host of sensors into the Samsung Galaxy S4, so much so, it can do a pretty good job of monitoring your health and fitness.

For fitness fanatics the new S Health is the culmination of all those sensors working together. It’s able to track your workouts and monitors temperature and humidity, along with steps you’ve taken on walks or runs. If you want, it can even count your calories and track your weight too – then let everyone know about it!

Similarly looking after your eyes and ears, Adapt Sound and Adapt Display both attempt to optimise the sound and display to the environment, content and your personal preferences. So no matter where you are, what you’re enjoying, it will always sound and look amazing.

Even more

Samsung has crammed even more features into the Galaxy S4 than we can shake a stick at. In fact just to make sure we never have enough sticks Group Play enables you to share music between phones, even using multiple phones as a combined speaker system.

S Translate is an incredibly clever live translation system. Type what you want translated in any language and the Galaxy S4 will read the text in the local dialect. Any spoken response is then translated into your chosen language for you to read. Again all live and as you need it.

The list goes on: with a built in optical reader so you can scan printed text on to the phone; Sound and Shoot audio capture with your photographs; Dual Recording dual-camera video capture so you can record yourself and what you’re looking at; Group Play for multiplayer gaming made easy. Phew.

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