Photo and video editing is heading to your PlayStation 3

PlayStation memories are made of this.

Sony has released details about an update that will add photo editing to the PlayStation 3 – and it’s due to begin roll out this week.

The PlayStation 3 is under threat and Sony knows it, so to fend off the encroaching advances of smartphones and the many tablets out there, its latest release is a photography suite.

It might sound bizarre, but PlayMemories Studio will bring viewing and editing abilities for both photos and videos to the PlayStation 3 and the handheld Sony Vita too.

Upload images and video then add sounds, simulate stop-motion animation, apply effects, subtitles and upload your creations to Facebook.

Sony tells us that PlayMemories Studio will link up with another new “cloud” service called PlayMemories Online, which will be launched towards the summer.

The software is expected to be released across Europe on Wednesday 28th March for around $18 and if you have any queries regarding Sony’s PlayStation services visit their support site at

Visit Sony to find out more details on the entire range.