Sony shows off the PlayStation 4 experience

Have a glimpse into what living with the PlayStation 4 will be like this Xmas

Playstation 4 Playstation 4: an interconnected gaming world

You don’t have to live in a dusty garage to enjoy the PlayStation 4, but the latest official video from Sony gives us all a glimpse into the world that it thinks PlaySation 4 owners will live.

The three minute YouTube video shows a sharing, caring, interconnected world with our well preened main protagonist voice chatting, text messaging and multi-player gaming with friends around the globe.

At two points our handsome hero has trouble in certain games and can instantly look up help and solutions from other gamers and their recoded game-play footage. We’re even shown this being done with the built-in DVR system the PS4 boasts. All of it socially connected to friends and other gamers.

Another interesting feature it showcases is the ability to prioritise multi-player or single-player game download, so you’re able to get multi-player gaming while the single-player game continues in the background.

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