Sony PS Vita to control PS4 games

PlayStation 4 games will include PS Vita Remote Play

Sony PS Vita Remote play PS Vita’s Remote play will feature in all PS4 titles.

Sony looks set to revive the fortunes of its Sony PS Vita handheld games console – thanks to a little assistance from the forthcoming PlayStation 4.

Sony is asking games developers to include the PS Vita’s Remote Play feature in all PS4 titles, unless they require dedicated PS4 hardware such as the PS4 Eye camera.

Remote Play is a feature that enables the PS3 or PS4 display to be transmitted wirelessly to the PS Vita.

This potentially enables you to play the entire game from the handheld and sometimes offers alternative controls and readouts for the main PS4 or PS3 game.

Remote Play

While a number of PS3 games have offered Remote Play, adoption has hardly been overwhelming. That situation should change for PS4, not only because Sony is insisting on it, but also because there’ll be a dedicated video encoder in the PS4, making it easier for developers to include.

Confirming this, Shuhei Yoshida President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios took to Twitter on his @yosp account to say:

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