Top 5 apps for watching TV on your Android

Enjoy live TV on your Android phone or tablet with these great apps.

Stream live TV on your phone or tablet with apps like Filmon.TV

Stream live TV on your phone or tablet with apps like Filmon.TV

Android tablets and phones, like the Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Asus Transformer are great devices to enjoy your media on.

But it’s one thing to enjoy a video or music file saved on the device, it’s another to enjoy live, streamed TV.

So we’ve gathered together the best ways you can enjoy watching TV live on your Android tablet with great apps and websites.

1. TVCatchup

One of the longest running ways to enjoy live UK TV, TVCatchup offers all the available Freeview channels to Android users live and for free.

All you need to do is sign up for a free account, which you use to sign into both the app on Apple iOS and Android alongside the website that we mention below. Well worth trying with quality settings for both mobile and wireless.

2. BBC iPlayer

Despite a number of low scores the BBC iPlayer remains one of our favourite ways to watch live BBC TV stations. Oddly the BBC has introduced the new BBC Media Player alongside the BBC iPlayer app and you need both to select and then watch live BBC programmes.

Despite early teething troubles the system seems to work well and opens almost all of the BBC catalogue up to Android users.

3. Filmon.TV

Very similar to TVCatchup, Filmon.TV offers around 500 channels including live UK programming, alongside channels from around the globe.

TVCatchup is available as an app and via your web browser.

TVCatchup is available as an app and via your web browser.

A new service, it has been experimenting with its advertising system, which was hampering viewing.

This seems to be more sensible now and again requires registration to get full access to the service.

4. TVCatchup online

Perhaps you don’t or can’t install an app on your Android phone or tablet, then worry not, you can still access the live TVCatchup service through the Android web browser.

Just point it to and log in using your registered name and password.

5. MyPlayerPro

A paid-for app MyPlayerPro has been around for a long time and tries to offer a little more for the cost. It offers all UK Freeview channels and radio.

If you need to you can also add custom channels too. Once you’ve paid it’s registration and advert free.

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