Top 5 Nexus 7 apps

Google’s seven inch Nexus 7 is here and it’s a simply astounding little Android tablet for the money.

With its fast quad-core processor, Jelly Bean operating system and high performance video prowess, it’s got just about everything you need out of the box. Except one thing. Which apps will you want to go with it?

Installing apps on to the Nexus 7 is dead simple – just tap the Play icon and you’ll be taken straight to the online store where you’ll find hundreds of thousands of programs for sale or free.

Here’s the five that we think are essential.

1. Bad Piggies

Angry Birds developer Rovio has turned the tables for its latest game. This time, your job is to help the piggies steal the eggs from the angry avians, rather than stop them in their tracks.

You’ll need to help the piggies build complicated flying machines in order to reach the tree top treat and steal them safely away. It’s 72 levels of enormous fun, and free too.


2. Kindle

Google Books is good, but Amazon’s Kindle app remains the best way to read e-books on a digital device, and syncs your account with a Kindle reader too.

Started reading on your Kindle and left off halfway through a page? Fire up the tablet and you can continue reading from that point on. The latest version also supports a new format for comics.


3. Pocket

Ever follow a link to a really interesting story on the web that you just don’t have time to read? Or worse, do you sit at work and realise that you’ve spent half the day browsing and not doing your job?

Pocket is a way of putting you back in control of your reading habits, making sure you never miss anything and saving pages you really like for later. All you need is the free app and a browser plugin for your desktop available from

When you’ve installed it, you can click the Pocket icon on your desktop browser and the page you’re viewing will get sent straight to the app on your tablet. Even better, Pocket strips out all the distracting page furniture and ads so you can read your favourite features in an old fashioned magazine style.


4. Uplink

Fancy yourself as a high tech hacker, dealing in digital espionage and uncovering secrets online? Introversion Software’s Uplink is an incredibly tense and enjoyable game in which you play a computer whiz trying to break into internet servers for cash.

You don’t, of course, have to know anything about coding to play, but do be aware that it’s utterly gripping and a real thief of time. Works beautifully well with the Nexus 7 screen too.


5. IM+

Google Chat is great, but it’s easy to overload your tablet with lots of different apps for all the different instant messaging services you use.

IM+ is a single client for Google Chat, Facebook, Skype, MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, iChat and more. It’s the ultimate integrated inbox.



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