Top 5 PhotoShop Touch tips for phone

Adobe has updated its deceptively powerful tablet image editing app, PhotoShop Touch, so that it will run on Android and Apple smartphones as well as larger slates.

Take PhotoShop with you with PhotoShop Touch.

Take PhotoShop with you with PS Touch.

For a mobile application, it’s got some very smart features such as the ability to add layers, cut people out of images and insert them elsewhere – and deals with high resolution images in the limited amount of memory available on a phone very well.

The only downside is that if you already own PhotoShop Touch for tablets, you’ll have to buy it again for your phone.

If you’re a newcomer to the app, though, here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Go through the tutorials

They can seem a bit long winded, but the only way to get to know all of PS Touch’s features is to use them. The tutorial on selecting elements of an image to paste in to a new one is especially well done.

2. Getting started

A lot of the controls on the home screen are geared up for professionals with Adobe Creative Cloud accounts who want to keep their projects in sync across all their devices. If you just want to load a photo to work on as a one off, it’s the icons marked with a + sign at the bottom of the screen you want.

3. Getting to the tools

It’s not immediately obvious, but once you’ve loaded a picture into the workspace, there are a whole lot of traditional photo editing tools you can play with. Getting to the quick fix menus is simple, as they’re arranged smartly at the top of the screen.

Finding the paintbrush, however, means tapping and holding the current tool icon (a tick and a cross) and waiting for a second menu to appear.

4. Buy a stylus

Using PS Touch to paint with your fingers is fun, but you’ll never get the precision required for truly professional results unless you invest in a stylus to use with it. Using a pen on the touch screen makes much more sense, and produces great results.

5. Have another app on standby

While there’s no limit to the number of transformations you can do with PS Touch, it’s not for the Instagram fanatic. You can make much better and original filters to make pictures look good with Adobe’s app, but it’s not as fast and easy to use as many others out there.

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