Top apps and games for the Samsung Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 10.1

Got a Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone or tablet? Here are the apps and games that make the most of the S Pen controller.

The ingenious S Pen controller brings an extra dimension to the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone and tablet. Making it easy to get creative with sketches and doodles and take notes or make diary entries with the totally accurate handwriting recognition, the S Pen has also inspired a range of apps and games designed for stylus fun.

Here’s our pick of the must-have apps and games for all Samsung Galaxy Note owners…

Samsung Galaxy Note apps


1. OmniSketch

With OmniSketch you can create amazing pictures with very little effort thanks to procedural brushes that draw designs and patterns automatically for you. When you’ve finished your works of art the pictures are stored in your local gallery, where you can view or edit them later.


2. Handy Note

This is the last word in handwritten note taking for your phone or tablet. As the rave user reviews testify, Handy Note really does manage to replace your paper notepad with your Galaxy Note.



3. Catch Notes

Never miss an idea. This easy-to-use note-taking app helps you keep on top of all your jobs – just quickly jot down your thoughts and share them across all of your devices.



4. Map Note

Giving directions to a destination just got easier. Simply draw your directions over a live map or satellite view and then share the route via Facebook, email, text and more.



Samsung Galaxy Note games


1. i Blast Moki

Blast cute little Mokis with bombs and gain new items to help you, like ropes, balloons and much more. There are six increasingly challenging worlds full of dangers to overcome and the precision S Pen control makes a fun game even better.


2. Maze Racer

Use the S Pen to draw a line from start to finish and get through the maze as fast as you can. You’ll be rewarded with stars based on how quickly you can reach the finish.



3. Drop the Beat

This great DJ mixing game lets you create your own thumping tracks using 20 instruments, including drums, bass, guitar and vocals. The S Pen makes it quicker and easier to drag each sound to create your track.



4. You Draw

Every day you and your friends are challenged to draw something new and the S Pen will help you get better results than all of your friends. Finished sketches can be posted and compared online for laughs and kudos.



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