How to set up touch enabled Firefox

How to set up touch enabled Firefox

If you’ve recently purchased a laptop, the chances are that it’s come equipped with Windows 8 and a touch-sensitive screen.

Microsoft has provided a plethora of default applications which work well with the conversation, but what about desktop favourites which haven’t been updated?

One of these is Firefox, the free and open source browser which is a drop-in replacement for Internet Explorer and can be improved with hundreds of plug-in extras?

Firefox – which can be downloaded from – runs fine on Windows 8, but it doesn’t support touch gestures by default. It can be very frustrating to open up a web page and discover you can’t pinch-and-zoom to enlarge sections of text or move the page around with your fingers.

Fortunately, a simple plug-in can solve this.

Click on the main menu and go to Add-ons>Get Add-ons. Now look for a plug-in called ‘Pinchy’ and install it.

This will make Firefox compatible with all of the gestures that will be familiar from your phone and make them usable on your laptop.

Alternatively, you can search for a similar add-on called ‘Grab and Drag’ which adds the same set of features but is more highly customisable.

After installing Grab and Drag, you’ll need to restart Firefox and select the option to use pen-like gestures after it boots up again. And you’re ready to go.

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