10 reasons to upgrade to Windows 8.1

So what’s new and why should you upgrade to Windows 8.1?

Top ten reasons to update and upgrade to Windows 8.1

You can’t argue that Windows 8 wasn’t met with some hesitance, but despite that, uptake of the new Microsoft software has been strong.

The latest Windows 8.1 release is both free to all and available now to download. It adds a host of improvements and new features, which mean if you’ve been holding off, Windows 8.1 should help you want to make the jump today.

1. Smart Search

Mixes local files and apps with relevant information pulled off the web. It means you can get what you want more quickly, and from one place.

2. New apps

The original Windows 8 apps didn’t feel finished, missing basic features and functionality. The good news is these are much more polished. Alongside this, multitasking is better making it possible to run four apps onscreen alongside each other.

3. Boot to desktop

For desktop users the good news is you can jump straight to the traditional desktop, missing out the new Start Screen. Microsoft has even kindly added the Start Button back in.

4. Desktop tweaks

Improvements all round for the desktop make it a better experience with better scaling and more right-click commands.

5. Customise it

More tile sizes is much needed and you have access to a wider range of colour options and backgrounds.

6. Skype everywhere

Full Skype messaging is built in with access to text, voice and full video calls.

7. More in store

The Windows Store has had a revamp and offers far more detail on apps.

8. Super settings

Settings used to be spread across the old Control Panel and the new Start Screen, now this has been cleaned up so it makes far more sense.

9. New technology

3D printing support and Wi-Fi Direct are now supported.

10. Clouds everywhere

The Microsoft cloud system Sky Drive is far better integrated, so you can easily push files online.

Official Microsoft Windows 8.1 page.

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