Cookers buyer's guide

It's all very well being a culinary expert, but in order to cook yourself some delicious gourmet delights, you first need to have the right equipment.

With a large range of cookers to choose from, each with a vast number of options, it’s important that you make the right choice for you and your kitchen.

Cooker types

The first decision to consider is if you’d like an integrated, slot-in or range cooker. If you’re replacing an existing cooker then this decision will probably have been made for you already, but for a new kitchen, all three are possibilities.

Slot-in cookers
Slot-in cookers are generally the most economic choice and starting at 50cm wide can take up the least amount of space – so are ideal if you only have a small kitchen. They’re easy to replace and maintain.

Range cookers
Range cookers tend to make more of their looks and start at around 80cm wide. These stylish cookers also offer more burners and larger ovens.

Built-in ovens
Built-in ovens are available in a wide-range of choices, with a smart integrated finish, and they can be installed at any height in the kitchen.

Gas or electric
Once you’ve selected the type of cooker you’d like to go for, now you can choose the type of fuel it should use. For slot-in and range cookers you’ll find that there are also dual-fuel options on offer, with an electric oven and gas hob combination being the norm.

Cooking with gas has the advantage of creating a damp heat that can keep food moist whilst it's cooking – so it’s great for baking. Although the heat distribution can become uneven by rising to the top, this does have the advantage of allowing food to be cooked simultaneously at different temperatures.

In conventional electric ovens, temperatures can be uneven, with the hottest area being at the centre of the oven. However, this also offers flexibility as food can be cooked simultaneously at different temperatures. Fan ovens heat up more quickly than conventional ones, and hot air is circulated to produce a consistent temperature throughout.

Also consider:

Double ovens and grills
These usually comprise of a standard-sized fan or multifunction oven and a smaller conventional one with a grill. This makes them ideal for cooking and grilling simultaneously, with the smaller oven providing a more efficient heating option.

Energy efficiency
All cookers are rated on a scale of ‘A’ to ‘G’ according to their energy efficiency. ‘A’ rated appliances are most efficient and are therefore cheaper to run and better for the environment, while ‘G’ rated appliances are the least efficient.

Flame failure device
Any gas appliance installed in a multi-occupancy dwelling has to be fitted with a flame failure device by law. Always check your cooker has one listed as a feature before you make your purchase, as otherwise installation of your appliance will be refused.

Installation or Take Home Today
Don’t leave anything to chance, Tesco can install your gas or electric cooker for you, if you include installation as part of your order. We can even disconnect your old cooker and replace with the new one, though this will cost you more.

Alternatively look out for selected items with the ‘Take Home Today’ logo. These items are available in selected stores for same day collection.

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