Power Tools buyer's guide

No matter if you’re planning the smallest of DIY jobs to a large construction project, Tesco Direct offers a full range of power tools that’ll help you power through the work. From toolbox essentials such as drills and jigsaws to labour-saving pressure washers and circular saws.

Before investing in any of these power tools it’s well worth taking some time to read up on the type you’re interested in. This will ensure you get one that suits your needs perfectly.

One of the most important choices is whether to opt for a cordless or corded model of tool. Cordless models are an attractive option as it frees you from the hassle of setting up a main extension lead. For the right jobs a cordless option will serve you very well, however be aware that for more demanding jobs they may not have enough power to do the job properly.

Cordless drills

These models are perfect for wood, plastic, thin metal and plaster. For thick metal, masonry and concrete you will be better off investing in a good corded hammer drill.

Cordless jigsaws

Carefully consider if this will be up to the job. They’re perfect for cutting short runs of thin 20mm chipboard, plasterboard, solid wood and MDF. However anything thicker than this can be a chore and battery life is an issue.

Cordless screwdrivers

Most models of cordless screwdrivers will be up to any job you can throw at them. For more heavy-duty jobs you may be better off considering a cordless drill or a hybrid drill/driver.

Battery life

If you’re planning on a large amount of work with your cordless power tool, it’s always worth investing in a second battery pack. So when you exhaust your first one, you can just swap them and carry on.



A rating of power. The useful range of watts will vary depending on the tool in question. So for drills this could be 500w to 750w and for circular saws 1000w to 1500w.


An older type of battery that stores less charge than the more modern lithium-ion battery packs. These also lose charge over time.


Also known as Li-ion, these battery packs provide the most power and best capacity. They also retain more charge for longer.


A measure of battery capacity, the larger the figure the more power a battery pack can hold but this will also increase it weight.

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